After their debut LARÚN was being cheered with great excitement in the Irish music scene here and abroad. No wonder: the founding of the band was being kept as a secret until the release of their first video in January 2018. Within only a few days they acquired more than 10.000 views. Taking a closer look at the choice of the individual musicians, such outstanding resonance might not be surprising: each one of them can state an impressive portfolio. By naming only a few they joined ensembles such as Trasnú, Emerald, Dán, Crosswind or Texu, which may explain their media attention.

“…most exciting newcomer band of the year…”

Thus LARÚN may currently be considered by the press as being the most exciting newcomer band of the year. Likewise, their line up occurs to be one of the most international on stage: LARÚN are six musicians from four different nations – France, Spain, Germany and the US. In times of growing global networks hardly anything else seems to be more uniting than a common passion! For LARÚN this occurs to be their deeply shared affiliation towards Irish traditional music. Yet, LARÚN do not merely play Irish music, they live Irish music! Thus most of the band members are completely dedicated to this music professionally.

“…their line up occurs to be one of the most international on stage.”

What a joy to listen to this band! They combine technical perfection with musical susceptiblelity and rousing rhythms in an exceedingly unique way. The sextet proofs virtuosity on fiddle, flute, uilleann pipes, bodhrán, piano and guitar. LARÚN is absolutely suitable for a big festival and will tear the audience to its feet from the very first note! Energetic, fast-paced and danceable without ever being in a rush.

The voice of LARÚN belongs to Catherine Kuhlmann, a promising discovery whose popularity skyrocketed with the release of LARÚN’s first music video. As a child she already got in contact with Irish, Breton and French folk music. This influenced her for the rest of her life. Aside from her expressive voice she adds a delicate piano accompaniment to the band sound. She produces a colourful and stiring soundscape that allows the melodies to develope. Now with the debut of LARÚN she finds herself at the beginning of an exciting career.

LARÚN’s second woman is Franziska Urton. Born into a German-American family, she might be one of the most popular musicians in Germany when it comes to the Irish fiddle. She discovered her affinity to Irish music at the age of 16 during a 6-month-stay in South Africa. Her distinct way of playing is also well known abroad and influenced by teachers like James Kelly, Tommy Peoples and Martin Hayes and last but not least by her standing classical background.

A big surprise was the choice of the flute player and the piper: Stefan Decker might be one of the best known flute players in Germany – not least because of his work with his successful band ‘Crosswind‘. Like Kuhlmann he comes from a generation of young musicians who got in touch with Irish music at a very young age. Since then this music became an important part of his life and he is now working as a freelance musician and teacher. His playing style is distinctive and influenced by the guidance of brilliant musicians like Kevin Crawford, Brian Finnegan and Alan Doherty. 

Borja Baragaño is the uilleann piper with LARÚN. Grown up in Asturias he found his way to Asturian folk music and began to play gaita at a very young age. He was always interested in the musical traditions of other celtic nations. His first contact with Irish music he had while listening to the ‚Bothy Band’. Shortly thereafter he began to learn the uilleann pipes. Touring Europe with groups like ‘Llangres’ made him a well known teacher and musician.

The rhythmical base of LARÚN is formed by Markus Pede and Cornelius Bode. The latter might be known to most of you in the Irish scene. With bands such as ‘Trasnú’, ‘Ganaim’ or ‘Emerald’ his influence on Irish music in Germany is substantial since many years. His accompaniment stands for its unmistakable groove and its imaginative harmonic variations. Having played at big festivals like Wacken (Germany) or on the Irish radio RTÉ TG4 have increased his popularity beyond the boundaries of the Irish scene.

Another promising discovery is Markus Pede. He started his journey across Irish music in 2012 and he already stands out of a quite well represented bodhrán community in Germany. Caused by his empathetic playing he soon developed into a well known musician, and thus he got the chance to proof his skills in front of a broader audience. His distinctive playing style evermore follows the tune. It is punchy, rousing and shaped by teachers and colleagues like Martin O’Neill, Eamon Murray and John Joe Kelly.

“A firework of inciting Irish music…”

No wonder that the announcement of the band’s formation results in great excitement and anticipation – with a line-up like that! The expectations are high and LARÚN fulfills them. Their album debut is already eagerly awaited and concert tickets are in high demand. With LARÚN you can immerse yourself in a world full of rousing rhythms, humming harmonies and spinning musical poetry. A firework of inciting Irish music with a great future ahead.